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CONFIDENCE BUILDING – finding what works in your communication 

You got that promotion - yay!.....Wait, what?!  Your boss wants you to speak up more in meetings or lead those Monday morning pep talks? 

Or you’re in a strategy session and have excellent feedback and ideas.  But somehow you can’t seem to summon the courage to share. 

Delilah will share secrets from the world of theater that peak performing actors use to connect with their cast mates and the audience.  Bringing honesty – and a dash of humor – to your “performance” ensures you will build trust and connection with your target audience. 

 "My boss wanted me to speak up more in meetings but this is challenging because I am quite shy and always afraid to say the wrong thing.  After working with you, I developed belief and trust in myself, discovered my own voice, and was able to push through self-limiting boundaries.  I'm now able to contribute in meetings and just got a promotion with a big raise!"  - I. Ragsdale, communication director 

PRESENTATIONS & SALES CALLS - connect with your message, connect with your "audience"

You've got a sales call scheduled with your ideal client.  You know they need what you have to offer.  Can you drop the icky sales pitch and really connect with them? 

Or it's been your dream to give a talk - or even a solo “show” - to share your passion, insights, inspiration and information.  

Delilah will help you tap into the message you want to share, assist you to craft it and then coach you to find your performance style and delivery that connects with your audience and makes you look like a pro.  Video feedback, effective use of visual/audio aids, warm-up exercises to relax and focus, and memorization tips are included. 

  "I have taken many, many workshops on how to be a better speaker.  You Onstage coaching brought me to a whole other level of effectiveness, connection with the audience and having fun on stage."  – J. Cohen, speaker

→ "You really showed me what my selling style is and how to effectively use it.  I no longer feel "icky", as you like to say, afterwards and have made many friends with my clients.  Enjoying life so much more!"  - D. Grupe, data storage sales team 

  "To Delilah (aka The Miracle Wizard) - Thank you for being there for me as we sifted through the seemingly overwhelming ideas and material.  You provided a fun, safe environment where I could let it all hang out and be myself in a way I have never imagined.  I learned alot and grew so much during the process.  I am still glowing from the experience and the audience’s reaction.  You are one of a kind!"       - L. Egg, solo presentation creator and performer 

JOB & PROMOTION INTERVIEWS - you just might make their day!

You are scheduled for a job interview or are up for that promotion.  Even if you have the qualifications and know the right responses, establishing a connection with the interviewer is key.  Through a series of role-plays, feedback, curiosity skills, and relaxation and connection games, Delilah will show you tools to stay calm, centered, authentic and enthusiastic.

She has sat through literally hundreds of auditions for theatrical performances and can help you prepare to make a great impression in any setting plus give you tips on how to introduce yourself and, most importantly, how to connect with the possibly scary person interviewing you.  A great connection can be made even with a video interview.  You get one chance to stand out from the crowd and shine.  Make that moment count! 

  "I have been trying to get this promotion for 3 years.  After my time with you, doing the role plays and getting feedback about how I was presenting myself, I got it!!!!  And a big raise!!!"  - J. Salazar, high school administrator

  "Thank you so much for all your help.  After my sessions with you, I knew how to let my excitement show instead of being worried about what the employers think of me or whether I would get the job or not..... and it worked wonderfully.    I am positive I got the job because of my time with you."   - R. Benson, job applicant

PROMO VIDEOS  - sharing your passion

You want to offer a video on your website or social media showcasing your services or products, while letting your customers get to know you better.  Delilah will assist you to deliver a short video, ensuring that you are really connecting with your audience and fostering their curiosity.  You will also discover ways to work with lights and camera to bring out your best.

  "Thank you for your warm and giving spirit which encouraged and guided me in developing a video for my website.   Your well-prepared questions, insight and humor helped me relax and connect on many levels.  I was able to express myself in a clear way.  I will always be grateful."    - K. Olson, recording artist

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             DISCLAIMER:  You might have fun!

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