You are a performer, whether on a sales call, in relationships, giving a speech, leading a team - or singing in the shower!   What happens when you apply skills that professional performers use to create successful interactions at work and home?

In this very playful online gathering, you will have fun with easy games from improv and theater.  Like "wax on, wax off" from The Karate Kid, you'll practice the games with a group of like-minded people and then find yourself naturally applying the skills in all arenas of your life.

You'll also have a light-hearted interview to discover your hidden (or not so hidden) talent and what you'd like to try at the performance party.   From the shy to the bold, this is a safe place to try something different, connect with others in a deeper way, gain new perspectives, give your self-expression and creativity an outlet, and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 


"We don't stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing."  - Benjamin Franklin

You should join us if you are a...

  • Business professional who wants to learn new communication & connection tools
  • Speaker or team leader who wants more confidence before a presentation
  • Sales person who wants a higher close rate
  • Facilitator who wants to get people more focused and engaged
  • Couple who wants to do something fun and different together
  • Person who wants to de-stress by being more playful

Did I mention that it's fun?

Your guide:  Hi!  I'm Delilah Blake and I've been leading this class for over 20 years around the U.S. and  Europe.  As someone who used to be found hiding behind the potted plant, I know how to make even the shyest person feel comfy while trying something new.  more


Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022



Next class via Zoom:

6 Thursdays starting Jan 13, 2022
7-8:15pm Central Time Zone

PLUS - 7th "class" is a

virtual party 

(date scheduled by class)


$175 if registered by Dec. 30
$195 after Dec. 30


INCLUDED:  a private,

complimentary 1-hour

follow-up session if desired

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Call 212-575-1789


"You have a gift for bringing out the best in people."  - E. Siebe, Journalist

"Thank you for providing a fun, accepting, safe environment.  This is the best experience I have ever had with how people really communicate with each other!"       - J. Cohen, Speaker

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  It helped me relax and be comfortable being more spontaneous."  - G. Dotson, MD

“The international convention went extremely well.  The time I spent in this class was of great value in my preparation as well as my confidence on stage."  - B. Bertolet, Sales Director

“I was asked to speak up more in meetings but I was always afraid I would say the wrong thing.  This class helped develop belief and trust in myself, the games got me “out of my head” and helped me push through self-limiting boundaries.  I’m now able to contribute in meetings and just got a promotion and raise!”  - I. Ragsdale, Change & Communications Manager, Employee Engagement

"As an lawyer, my presentation skills took a huge leap forward.  I'm in the 'amen' section of your choir!"  - T. O'Rourke, attorney

"It was like an extra date night with my husband.  Class was fun and always had us stretching.  It was run in such a way that it was safe to experiment and provided a welcome affirmation for both of us.  It was refreshing to be in an environment where play like that was the norm!"  - M. Orr, Leadership Coach & Trainer

"Not only did the class provide a space to unwind, laugh and relax, it also provided a sense of community which is greatly needed. I looked forward to connecting with the group each week! As we all know…Laughter is the best medicine!" - B. Fincher, R.N.

"It is so fun and refreshing to connect with lively, curious people and be lead through a series of delightful improv games.  I also love that my teenage sons are willing to participate and often surprise me (and themselves) with their creativity and humor. It's an all-around blast." - D. Minney, education research & development

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