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     - leading team meetings at work

     - giving presentations

     - making sales calls

     - being interviewed for a job or promotion

1.  Make sure your message is what you really want to say.  Dig deep and be clear about the purpose/intent of your communication.  A good tip is to start with the Call To Action you want them to take and then work backwards.  Each talking point should resonate with your CTA.  Know your audience and the need you fill.

2.  Get your voice deeper in your body.  Try this:  place your hand on your solar plexus - the area between your breat and navel.  Yell "Hey" as if you want someone across a large room to hear you.  Feel the sound come from your "center" instead of up high in your throat.  Once you can do that, try talking from that place.  You will find this creates a more powerful connection with yourself and with your audience.

3.  Get attention off yourself and onto others.  We all have those little gremlin voices that help us feel feaful before we even utter one word.  I know them well - "I'm not good enough.  I'm not (fill in the blank), etc., etc.  How about telling your gremlins to go take a nap and get your attention on who you're talking to and how what you have to offer is of service to them?  This one little switch in your mind will change your whole perspective!

4.  Have a sense of humor no matter what happens.  I have pretty much had everything you can think of happen to me in performances.  What I've found is that if you acknowledge what happened and poke gentle fun at the situation, your audience will totally be on your side.  We've all had things go wrong so it's actually a bonding experience.  I once saw an expert on how to use PowerPoint in TED Talks be unable to get an internet connection.  She was light-hearted about it, we ALL knew how she felt which made her relatable, and she went on without her slides to deliver very useful content.

5.  Avoid data overload.  Remember - no matter how linear-thinking your audience is, you still need to give them more WHY than HOW.  WHY is what drives us all.  Always remember who you are speaking to and what you want them to do.   Stay on track with this.  Make it about THEM.  Using fun metaphors can make a memorable impact in just a few words and get people's attention.  "Making your own shower curtain with this do-it-yourself kit is easy as doodling, which some of you are doing right now."

6.  Engage audience with stories.  Find a story - from your own experience or someone else's (as long as you give them credit) - to illustrate each talking point.  Remember that the tales where things go awry are just as important to share as tales of success.  Be mindful of the purpose of the story and what point you are trying to make/what emotion you want to stir in your audience.

7.  Practice.  Yes, practice in front of a mirror.  If you can get over the distraction of looking at yourself while talking, you're gonna be fine!  Ask trusted sources to give you honest but kind feedback.  Practice helps you feel more confident.  I promise you - everyone you have ever seen who made it look effortless, from speakers to ice skaters - you can bet they practice ALOT!

8.  Get centered.  Avoid that deer-in-the-headlights look by getting present and in your body the moment before you speak.  Ground yourself, breathe deeply, and use simple warm-up exercises from actors to become relaxed yet focused.  

9.  Slow down.  We often talk too fast.  Whether using notes or winging it, give respect to punctuation.  Periods at the end of sentences and new paragraphs are the perfect places to pause and breathe.  Give your listeners a moment to process what you just said.

10.  Leave them with an inspiring Call To Action.  Let them know you believe in them.  Have courage to invite them to take the next step with you!

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