In the Theater of Business, you are “on stage” when:
* leading a team
* contributing to a strategy session
* making a sales or customer service call
* giving a presentation 

Navigating your way through business in this fast-changing world requires social and emotional intelligence.  How you interact with others is crucial to your success. 

What are the interpersonal skills you need to be an effective peak performer?
* Authenticity
* Confidence
* Connection
* Curiosity
* Empathy
​* Resilience
* Sense of Humor 

YOU ONSTAGE will develop and enhance these skills!

With the onslaught of information, increasing requirements and demands (and yet another portal to manage!), how do we stay enthusiastic, motivated, innovative and light-hearted? 

We at You Onstage have found that the best learning takes place when people are having fun.  Instead of a lecture or PowerPoint presentation, your team will start by playing games and exercises from the world of theater.  By following the tools that professional performers use, your team will apply the skills to productivity, innovation and creativity, and stress release. 

Through the games and situational role plays, new communication and connection skills are discovered and practiced.  In debriefs after each game, a real world application is discussed and aligned with the company’s culture and goals.    As participants develop more spontaneity, become more open, and enjoy the success of their collaboration, a more productive way of working together will (seemingly miraculously!) emerge.

You Onstage has found that presenting people with activities that take place in unfamiliar waters helps open them up to new perspectives.  Valuable information and awareness of patterns of behavior can be clearly seen without confrontation. 

By providing a fun and safe environment, even the shyest, most reluctant person in your group will be able to participate and have a valuable experience. 

You Onstage playfully, yet respectfully, brings out the best in everyone, creates a positive work environment and encourages both individual talent and teamwork to shine. 

This is results-orientated, fun and tailored to meet your specific focus and group size, whether it’s a conference, retreat or team meeting.

Available in half- or full-day format, IN PERSON -or- ONLINE!

​  “When I play, it gets me smart for my homework.” – 6 year old


"Our team was TOTALLY energized and changed by your seminar.  The results have been long-lasting and we have built on them day to day.  In addition to results, your seminar had a high entertainment value, which the team really appreciated.  It created good will and high morale to have provided this for my employees."    - CEO, Corporate Housing

"Even when there was rapid information flow, the exercises showed me how to keep a team in high performance action."   - Vice President, International Consulting Firm

Facilitator:  Delilah Blake has been leading this course for over 25 years. 
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