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Delilah Blake brings over 25 years of business and performance experience to her Success on the Stage of Life series. She has run her own for-profit theaters and performance teams in Times Square, NYC and Houston, TX, and led hundreds of talks and events for groups around the world.

In highly interactive presentations, she shares fun and easy games, exercises and tips that professionals use to CONNECT AUTHENTICALLY with themselves, their message and their audience.  These skills consistently translate into greater success on sales calls, job interviews, leading a team meeting or giving a speech.

Each talk is tailored to your industry or group’s focus.  Participants will:

  • improve their listening skills
  • be more quick thinking and spontaneous
  • gain more confidence expressing themselves
  • practice connecting with and bringing out the best in each other
  • feel more relaxed, acknowledged and appreciated


Delilah has sat through literally hundreds of auditions and can share how to stand out from the crowd in a job interview or networking event. 

She has personally overcome debilitating stage fright and has tips and exercises to help you actually enjoy being in front of the room.

She has hilarious stories of things that have happened to her on stage and how thinking on your feet and being spontaneous is a valuable skill in any situation. 

She has coached hundreds of individuals to be more engaged and engaging in their presentations, whether to 1 person or 500.

Her light-hearted and practical approach has helped business people from all arenas explore new perspectives on peak performance.

                                         Get a standing ovation in your business!

"We enjoyed the opportunity to laugh as you learn.  Future speakers will have a hard act to follow!"

“This is the best example I have ever seen of how people really communicate with each other.”

“You have a gift for bringing out the best in people.”

© 1995-2021. You Onstage. All rights reserved.