​​​​​What if  you have read all the leading books about sales, takenmany workshops, and spent countless hours refining your elevator pitch but still aren’t closing as much as you’d like?

What if it’s scary to make a sales call or presentation, or you’re worried you’ll come off as an icky sales person?

Okay, but…

What if  you are curious about your sales prospects, really connect with them, feel relaxed and confident, and enjoy your life more?  And what if your sales start going up from these tweaks to your selling approach?

Join us for
Sales without Selling - The ABC’s of Connecting!


  • Sort through all the formulas and ideas you have about selling and become self-aware of your personal selling style.
  • Practice curiosity, observation, listening, and communication skills through easy theater games.
  • Be more quick thinking and spontaneous, no matter where the sales conversation goes.
  • Boost your energy and confidence.
  • Build trust with your clients.
  • Have more fun connecting with others, almost like human to human!

Led by Delilah Blake, who stepped out from behind the potted plant to open her own business 25 years ago.  Not having even sold 1 magazine during her senior class fund-raising drive, she had to learn the fine art of selling – in a way that worked for her!  Fortunately, she soon discovered that the best selling is simply being interested in a potential client and seeing if they need what you offer. 

As someone who created and put on her own shows, and ran several theaters, Delilah has sat through hundreds of auditions.  The talent might be equal, but guess which one gets the part?  She now shares these valuable skills with people from all arenas of business.  
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Location:  Zoom

4 Thursdays, starting October 6, 2022

Fee - $85 
(includes an optional one-on-one follow-up session with Delilah)


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