​                                  Connect – Communicate – Re-Charge

 If all the world’s a stage, that definitely includes relationships!  Inspired by the hilarious – and honest – musical comedy
Now That You’ve Seen Me Naked”, Relationships Uncovered is an irreverent, insightful event that gives women an opportunity to see themselves and the men in their lives in a whole new way.

Through unique and lively exercises and dialogue, you will see a clear reflection of yourself and your true desires.  The more you acknowledge what you want – and how to get it – the more powerful and effective you become.  You become more magnetic and attractive.  You look and feel younger.  You are more relaxed and get results.  Somehow, surprisingly, this is the very thing that creates productive, satisfying relationships!

In this replenishing, revealing, delightful, interactive weekend:

* Dig down and remember your heart’s deepest desire.
* Confront worn-out ideas about men and women.
* Explore the character you’ve been playing in your relationships.
* Experience the effect of your communication.
* Release the stress and pressure you’re living with.
* Discover new ways to keep your vitality alive.
* Awaken your courage to be free.
* Create community with other amazing women.
* Get your glow on!

By learning and applying the simple, practical skills from Relationships Uncovered, women have found partners, improved relationships, been promoted, created new connections, and enhanced life satisfaction and fulfillment.  And had more fun!!!

Fran and Delilah (about us) for a deeply profound weekend of storytelling, truth-telling, revelation, relaxation, and laughter.  Whether you are interested in how to better connect with those at home or work, come get reacquainted in a brand new way with the best relationship in your life – yourself!


Fools for Love - join us the weekend of April 1, 2023.  Registration details and central Houston location will be revealed soon.  SIGN UP for announcements or CONTACT US for more details.

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