From the time Fran was a little girl, she always wondered what she was doing here.  (Growing up in Ft. Apache the Bronx might have had something to do with this.  Maybe you saw the movie?)

As she grew up, she realized she saw people and the world very differently from how they seemed - how everything was so colorless and gray, how badly people treated each other, and the seeming limitations of possibilities that permeated everything.

This wasn’t how it really was, right?! 

Her life significantly altered when she discovered that, although she had few small talk skills, she could see into the heart of what really mattered to people. Over time, she developed her career around assisting others to make their own hidden or seemingly impossible dreams become a reality.

Now, Fran is a coach, mentor, and producer who, for over 25 years, has specialized in business coaching - yet somehow always winds up working with people on their relationships!

Apparently, relationships pretty much run everything. Underneath.

So, welcome to Relationships Uncovered where Fran helps you get to the heart of things that matter to you.

And shares amazing visions of the world…in color!  

Your guides...

When most of her friends were playing with Barbies, Delilah and another girl just as weird, Betty C., set up a mad scientist laboratory in her basement. (MUST be spoken in a sinister, mysterious voice and pronounced “la-BOR –a– tory”!)

The clues to who we really are can often be found in our childhood but we often get side-tracked by other people’s ideas.  So of course, being oblivious, Delilah missed the clues and took up singing opera.  Years later, in therapy, this was revealed to be her mother’s passion, not hers, which could explain a series of unfortunate events.  (It’s apparently distracting to hear uncontrollable laughter during the tragic cherry blossom scene in Madame Butterfly.  Sorry, Professor Larson!)

Years later, while undergoing chemo (cue the music), Delilah started using her skills as a Black Belt Drama Queen, a desire to live the life she was meant for, and a penchant for finding humor at clearly inappropriate moments, to create an environment where everyone can play full out as their true self.

Here in Delilah’s mad scientist laboratory, we are experimenting with relationships, connection, communication, curiosity and, most important, how to have a bunch of amazing women remember themselves - and have a lot of fun!  

© 1995-2022. You Onstage. All rights reserved.

© 1995-2021. You Onstage. All rights reserved.