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​​​​​​​Delilah Blake has created a unique blend of curiosity skills with tools from the worlds of coaching and theater, resulting in YOU ONSTAGE™  - a fresh, impactful means to develop leadership, presentation, sales and communication skills, while sharpening team dynamics.  Both U.S. and European markets have found her distinctive approach to bring lasting personal and organizational results.

As an entrepreneur combining business and theater, Delilah ran her own for-profit theaters and performance teams for over 25 years in Houston, Texas, and Times Square, New York City.

With YOU ONSTAGE™, she has developed learning opportunities in the form of interactive games and role-plays; she also specializes in fostering strong connections in both personal and business interactions.  Her light-hearted and practical approach has helped create experiences with people from all arenas in which new perspectives on peak performance are explored.

Delilah's background includes a degree in music education from Simpson College and numerous in-depth studies with high-performance learning systems, philosophy, psychology, curiosity, acting, improv, writing, and her true love - the art of play & the cosmic joke!  Along with being a coach and facilitator, she also creates, produces, directs and performs original sketch and musical comedies with an uplifting message.

© 1995-2021. You Onstage. All rights reserved.