…your path to fame and fortune - or at least the breakroom snacks! 

The Lab Players, our professional performance team at Curiosity Lab & Theater, guarantee to keep participants engaged and attentive with an uplifting, original sketch and musical comedy show that pokes a bit of fun at the world of business.

In Successitude, our well-meaning “facilitators” attempt to give everyone tips on having the right attitude for success. Naturally, confusion abounds! In their attempt to guide us to success, they hilariously stumble through technical issues, Casual Friday, teambuilding, networking, and the fridge in the break room, to name a few.

This show is tweaked to reflect your industry and the theme of your gathering.  Our humor is clean, globally sensitive and spot-on, full of hysterically accurate scenarios from the workplace.  We can playfully, but respectfully, incorporate your VIP's and honored guests, create interactive moments and contests with the audience, and possibly cause LWS*.

 * LWS - Laughing With a Snort

We'll be back with live shows as soon as possible but, in the meantime, give our online performance a try.  We promise you'll have a good time!


What people say...

“You provided excellent  entertainment. I would like to congratulate you on the quality of the comedy. I was very impressed with the way you brought our industry into the show and also with the audience participation.” - International Energy

“This was perfect – exactly what we were looking for. Thank you for making what could have been a dry and boring meeting into something everyone enjoyed and will long remember.” - Major Airline

"Our team was TOTALLY energized!"  - Corporate Housing

Some companies we have entertained:
Shell Oil
Sunshine Bouquet
Fast Company
M.D. Anderson Hospital
United Airlines
Bank of America
Austin Energy
Kirby Inland Marine
Fast Company
Houston Women's Chamber
The Thyroid Society
New York Women in Travel
Team Housing
Fashion Institute of Technology
Nat. Assoc. of Catering Executives

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PLEASE NOTE:  We're here for you during these challenging times.  Whether your employees are working in the office or remotely, give them a bit of humor to brighten their day.  We'll bring you - online - some of the signature scenes from our musical comedy about the workplace - Successitude™ - customized for the current situation for their enjoyment.

© 1995-2021. You Onstage. All rights reserved.

© 1995-2021. You Onstage. All rights reserved.